Cheeky Chorizvo

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A spicy Spanish style sausage flavoured with smoked paprika and garlic, Gambardeli’s Chorizvo is lower in fat and high in protein but mostly delicious.


A mildly spicy sausage  based on that Spanish favourite, our Chorizvo is flavoured with smoked paprika and garlic and adds a hit of flavour to any plain dish.  The colour is obtained from the spices only as Gambardeli’s is totally free of all synthetic colourings and preservatives. Try it in salads either cold or fried first or as a pizza topping.  Also great in sandwiches.



Gambardeli’s Chorizo takes it colour from the spices as we do not use any preservatives or chemicals.

As our Chorizo is low in fat it does not produce the flavoured oil as its meat counterpart.  I recommend that the Chorizo is sliced and fried in chilli oil before adding to plain pasta dishes or using as a pizza topping as in our serving suggestion.

Gambardeli’s Chorizvo adds interest and flavour to an other wise mildly flavoured dish or it can be used in any Chorizo recipe.



  1. Margaret

    Our customers tell us that this is an authentic taste of that Spanish flavoured sausage. Remember, Gambardeli’s is low fat and contains no nasty preservatives or colouring. The colour of our Chorizvo comes from the natural spices. Tasty and good for you!

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