Hi! My name is Margaret and I set up Gambardeli’s so that everyone can have the same tasty, meat-free protein that I have been serving to my family for over 25 years. I dream of being able to order this great tasting protein in restaurants and cafes instead of the over-reliance on carbohydrates for meat alternatives.

I was first introduced to this 1,000 year old, Oriental method of creating natural, plant-based protein when I was looking for alternative ways to live healthily. However, I didn’t like the product. So I adapted the recipe until I made great tasting steaks. Only recently, I realised that other people like them. That inspired me to set up Gambardeli’s.

Growing up in a small faming town in Scotland, I loved all the animals both domesticated and wild. Eventually I made the connection between the meat on my plate and the beautiful animals in the fields, so I resolved to find another way to live. When I left Scotland and came to England through yoga practice, I found people who were living healthily, eating grains, beans, seeds and vegetables.

In the mid 1980s, I qualified as a teacher of macrobiotics at The Kushi Institute in London and I have lived healthily on a diet free of animals produce ever since. My children grew strong and healthy on this diet enjoying our meat-free steaks in a variety of recipes over the years. Scientific evidence suggests that adopting a diet free of any animal produce is healthy. Look at websites such as nutritionfacts and the vegan society.

I invite everyone to have 1 additional meat-free meal each week. Substitute Gambardeli’s meat-free steaks in our favourite recipe and let me know how you get on.


“We believe that everyone deserves great tasting, nutritious food”


Because we care, we provide high quality, tasty, natural, food products. We source our quality ingredients from ethical suppliers.

Our ingredients are guaranteed by the suppliers to be free of all genetically modified organisms.


About taste, about your health. Reports in the media sing in unison – to live a long, healthy life, reduce or eliminate animal products. How do you do that? Our steaks and medallions can be substituted for meats in most recipes – even the BBQ.

Click here for some great recipe suggestions.


We promise to use no chemical additives nor preservatives. To use vacuum packing and minimise total packaging. Where possible we use ethically sourced equipment to minimise our impact on the environment.

We are proud to have received the Vegan Society Approval to use their trademark on our products.


Eating a 100% plant based diet for even 1 day per week is less stressful to the environment than eating a locally sourced meat based diet everyday.