Gourmet meats for charcuterie board, vegan

Gambardeli’s Gourmet Charcuterie Pack makes it easy to put together a stunning sharing board that keeps your guests entertained and well fed whilst you mingle.  Effortless entertaining that makes you the greatest host ever!


Our plant based trio of meats is fantastic on your vegan Charcuterie Board.

Creating a gourmet vegan, plant based, charcuterie board is easy with Gambardeli’s cold meats and some vegan cheese presented thoughtfully on a board or platter with fresh fruit and vegetables in season.

The main event on your charcuterie board is your plant based meats

I have created this trio of meats,  Pastrami, Deli Steak slices and Chorizo to delight your guests whilst at the same time making it easy for you to prepare your board. In the video I show you how to put it all together to make a show stopping focal point for your gathering with minimum fuss and effort.

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Dried fruit and a selection of nuts give a luxurious feel to your board whilst tangy chutneys provide a balance of flavours. Add vegetables and fruit in season to your board.  You’ll be surprised how a little sweetness of agave syrup adds a different taste to your meat and cheese.

By simple preparation your guests will have a delightful experience trying all the flavours whilst the host is free to mingle with the guests.  Adding some unusual fruit or nuts gives a talking point and can tickle the guests taste buds.

By using Gambardeli’s meatfree you are introducing your family and friends to the planet friendly meat free world.  Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute positively to combating global warming by using our gourmet plant based meats.


Deli Slices.

*Allergens wheat gluten, soya sauce/miso


*Allergens wheat gluten, soya sauce/miso


*Allergens wheat gluten

. Nuts and sesame present in production environment.

Instructions for use: Store in fridge. Remove all packaging and use within 48 hours of opening.



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