Gambardeli’s Seasonal Hamper


Gambardeli’s Complimentary Hamper includes our Creamy Cashew, Perfect Pate and Bacon Jam.  Just right for pre dinner snacks.


Gambardeli’s Vegan Hamper

Gambardeli’s Vegan Hamper is the perfect accompaniment to Gambardeli’s Vegan Wellington or Epic Roast.

What do we want to complete the celebration table?  We have the vegetables and the centrepiece of either Gambardeli’s Vegan Wellington or the Epic Roast.  Gambardeli’s Hamper completes the story with special Cashew Cheese, Wonderful Pate and Bacon Jam!

Cashew Cheese

We blend whole cashews with miso, seasonings and garnish with succulent, sweet cranberries and bright lemon zest.  No soya milk or extra fat or oil added.  We use only whole cashew nuts and real food ingredients to make this luxurious spread.

Gambardeli’s Perfect Pate

A savoury delight to spread on Melba toast for a special starter or light snack perhaps with pre dinner drinks.  First we cook Black Beluga Lentils  with herbs before blending with mushrooms sautéed in rapeseed oil and finally adding lightly toasted walnuts.

Gambardeli’s Bacon Jam

Never heard of it?  Bacon Jam is a favourite in the USA.  Here at Gambardeli we have made it vegan using Gambardeli’s Bacon.  first gently sautéed sweet onions and are combined with Gambardeli’s Bacon and raw Muscavado sugar, before finishing with Apple Cider and Balsamic Vinegar.  Spread it on your buttered golden toast for a light breakfast or on Melba toast for nibbles with drinks.

Our serving suggestion shows these 3 spreads as part of a board for starters, pre dinner snacks or perhaps a light snack in the evening.

Allergens: Nuts,  Gluten and sesame also used in cooking environment.


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