Gambardeli’s Maple Kissed Bacon- vegan


Gambardeli’s Maple Kissed Bacon is a great addition to your sandwiches for a BLT or to your breakfast for that satisfying lip-smacking taste sensation.



Gambardeli’s Maple Kissed Bacon

Gambardeli’s Maple Kissed Bacon is, of course a vegan counterpart.  If you would like the savoury, yet slightly sweet, taste then Gambardeli’s Maple Kissed Bacon is for you.   Everyone can enjoy this, whether you’re vegan or whether you’re just reducing animal products.

By introducing a small amount of natural maple syrup, Gambardeli’s has enhanced the flavour of the slightly smoky bacon to give it that lip-smacking sensation.

Cooking Instructions

I recommend that you fry the bacon slices lightly in a little oil.  Remember, Gambardeli’s Maple Kissed Bacon has very little oil and so it doesn’t need to be grilled.  However, it is still lovely when brushed lightly with oil  and heated on a grill pan.

Serving Suggestions

Why not crumble grilled bacon onto your vegetables, pasta or salad?  Of course, Gambardeli’s Maple Kissed Bacon is delicious fried.  Try serving it with scrambled tofu, sautéed mushrooms and grilled tomatoes. However, you enjoy it, Gambardeli’s Maple Kissed Bacon is sure to please the most discerning taste.

We use Gambardeli’s Maple Kissed bacon as the base for our Bacon Jam, a slightly sweet yet savoury spread.



Allergens: Wheat Gluten, soya


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