No more dreaded veggie kebabs on the BBQ

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What do you cook on the BBQ for those of us who don’t eat meat? I love veggie kebabs but they are part of a meal not the real deal! Even chefs on a phone in on the radio suggested veggie kebabs as an alternative.

Now you can provide steaks and kebabs with protein packed flavour. For those who like to try something a bit different, there is a wide variety of recipes for rubs using spices and herbs. If you love veggie kebabs as I do, threading them with Gambardeli’s Medallions creates interest and texture as well as added protein whereas the Steaks and Joints can be treated with a rub and placed in the oven of on the BBQ till heated through. As they are low in fat its a good idea to add some oil or solid coconut oil as a healthy fat. The only rule is to use less flavouring and spices with Gambardeli’s products as they all take on flavours very easily.

It has been suggested that plant protein does not become cancer causing on the BBQ as the plant protein does not change in the same way as animal protein, and so could be healthier for you. Remember to either cook the veggie food first or use a different BBQ as no veggie or vegan will be pleased if their food has been dripped on by meat juices.

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