Orders during lockdown

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Lockdown due to Coronavirus, Sars 2, Covid 19, 2020

Unprecedented times

In March 2020 the UK faced a pandemic from a flu-type virus. Named Covid 19 it is a corona virus. Gambardeli’s response during lockdown due to Coronavirus Covid 19 has been to ramp up our protective clothing, hand and surface sanitising.

This virus is known as a novel virus as we have not been exposed to it before.  Therefore, we have no immunity to it.  Covid 19 is highly infectious.  It is spread by droplets as people sneeze or cough.  The virus can land on a surface waiting for the next person to touch that surface such as petrol pumps or door handles. If that person touches their face or eats without first washing their hands thoroughly then the virus enters their body.  The virus makes it way to their lungs where it can overwhelm the body’s defence.  The response varies from no symptoms to making the person very unwell.  Therefore our response during lockdown due to Coronavirus Covid 19 is to increase our use of general surface and hand sanitiser.  We have initiated  wearing face masks.to minimise any contamination.

How to avoid transmission and find our way out of lockdown.

We have all received advice from the government to stay indoors in  a lockdown situation.  Many of us now wear gloves on the occasional times that we go out for essential supplies.  The gloves act as a barrier when touching surfaces.  Some people are wearing face masks in an attempt to lessen the spread of the virus Covid 19 and to find our way out of lockdown.  So we are washing out hands with soap for at least 2 minutes as we have always done.  Now we are wearing masks as well as the gloves, hair covering and overalls.

Protective equipment at Gambardeli’s

We at Gambardeli’s have always adhered to strict hygiene standards.  We are pleased at achieving a 5 hygiene rating from the Local authority.  However, now during lockdown, we have ramped up our protective equipment.  We have introduced wearing face masks whilst we make our products.  Not the masks which are so needed by our front line workers in the NHS and care sectors.  Our front line workers are experiencing a shortage of appropriate equipment to protect them whilst carrying out their duties in caring for the sick. At Gambardeli’s we have always used gloves, protective clothes and hair covering.  So the face masks are an addition to our dress code for hygiene.

We have always been scrupulous in cleaning all surfaces using appropriate food safe cleansers.  We are now using a general sanitiser for surfaces after cleansing.  In addition to washing hands for a minimum of 2 minutes, we are using hand sanitiser.  We were fortunate in that we had supplies of general and hand sanitiser prior to the lockdown as they both became in short supply as people scrambled to buy them.

Ordering during lockdown

We endeavour to continue to supply our customers during the lockdown. In addition to adding face masks to our protective equipment, we are providing contactless payment by Paypal or bank transfer.  We arrange delivery either to your doorstep or by post for those further away from our locality.  So during lockdown due to Coronavirus Covid 19 our customers can contact us, pay remotely and have contactless delivery. So they can have full confidence in our products.  We listen closely to the advice given by the government and implement any further recommendations.

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