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Where does candida come from?

A rise in reports of this condition has been mirrored by the availability of commercially produced bread. It may be that in the modern super-fast process the yeast is not killed off i and so takes hold in our intestines squeezing out the beneficial bacteria.

I make my own Christmas pudding every year and I know that using commercially produced bread will give me a pudding that is light and risen. When I use bread made by traditional methods my pudding is heavier and denser. This indicates to me that the yeast is still active in the commercially produced bread causing the pudding to rise. In our bodies this active yeast lives in the intestine eating the sugars in our food and spreads thus damaging the lining of the intestines.


How can we heal the lining of the intestine?

The advice is to avoid sweet, sugary products including fruit and commercially produced breads and to increase fibre in the diet. Raw, naturally fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut and miso paste help to repopulate the intestines with the beneficial bacteria and eating lots of fibre rich foods such as vegetables and beans helps the good bacteria to thrive So we can improve our digestion by eating a plant based diet, lots of vegetables and some beans.

Fruit can be added when the symptoms are less. Healing the intestines in this way may mean that gluten can be added to the diet without a return to the uncomfortable symptoms. G’deli’s products do not include any added sugars a the process separates the protein from the starch which is discarded. So it would help us all to eat more traditional foods and raw, fermented veggies in our plant based diet.

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