Pastramve Slices based on the New York Deli Favourite


Thin slices of tender protein delicately flavoured with Rainbow Peppercorns, Gambardeli’s Pastramve is ready to eat as a delicious sandwich filling or with a salad. Slice into slivers and add to fried rice or noodles, a simple pasta or vegetable dish for fabulous flavour and protein.


Thin slices of tender protein flavoured with multi-coloured (rainbow) peppercorns to tickle your taste buds, our  Pastramve makes a delicious lunch. You can build it into a Reuben sandwich by adding sauerkraut, melted sheeze, vegan mayo with tomato and sliced pickles.  A true legend!

These tasty slices make a delicious sandwich for packed lunch, a picnic or afternoon tea- just cut off the crusts and serve on your best china! These slices are a great addition to an antipasti plate together with our Gourmet Deli Steak Slices as inout serving suggestion.  Some of my customers even fry Pastramve for breakfast!

Margaret Says:

Try slicing the Pastramve into slivers and add to stir-fried noodles for the extra special taste sensation or add to a simple vegetable or pasta dish to take it to the next level in taste. Delicious in cabbage soup or just mixed through steamed cabbage or greens!

So however, you choose to serve our Pastramve, we’re sure it will quickly become a favourite with you too.


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