Gambardeli’s Award Winning Steakn Mushroom Pie


Gambardeli’s Award Winning Steakn Mushroom pie will delight your senses with its generous filling of minced steak and real mushroom pieces inside a blanket of dreamy puff pastry.  A luxurious, decadent delight ready prepared for you to bake and bathe in the glory of a home-made pie.


Gambardeli’s Steakn Mushroom Pie scoops Silver Award at the British Pie Awards, 2020

We are delighted to announce that our steakn mushroom pie gained a silver award in the British Pie Awards, 2020.  We gained this award against stiff competition from pie makers all over the country.  The look of the pie, the pastry, texture, amount of filling and taste all played a part in determining the award level.  The judges have many varied backgrounds but they all know a good pie when they taste one! You too will be delighted with the generous savoury filling in a blanket of puff pastry, just thick enough to make the pie award winning.

Cooking Instructions

Again we sell the award winning steakn mushroom pie unbaked ready for you to bake.  If you freeze your pie then I recommend that you leave your pie in the fridge for 4 – 5 hours or overnight to thaw before baking. Enjoy that tantalising aroma of pastry wafting around your house.

First simply place the pie on a baking tray, brush with a little non-dairy milk to brown and pop it into a preheated oven 180* or GM 6.  Your oven should be hot to avoid a soggy bottom and create a crisp texture.

Next bake for about 30 minutes, depending on your oven, until the crust is golden and the pie heated through.  Inserting a thin bladed knife or skewer into the middle of the pie and placing it lightly on your hand will let you know if the centre is heated.

Finally serve and bask in the glory of baking a delicious pie and it’s totally vegan!

Serve and bask in the glory

Serve with unctuous gravy, mash and vegetable such as asparagus or mash and liquor as in the time honoured East End way.  However you serve our award winning steakn mushroom pie, you will be delighted to serve this tasty treat to your family. Then revel in the accolades when serving this delicious home-made pie!

What Makes a Good Pie?

Firstly you need to have a delicious filling.  We taste test our filling many times trialling different flavour combinations before deciding on THE one.

Next its the pastry.  We often receive comments on how light and crisp our pastry is.  We line our pastry case with just the right thickness of pastry.  If the pastry is too thin then the pie will not hold together when cut: too thick then you loose the delicious mouthfeel.

Then the amount of filling is crucial. Too little and you end up with a gap between your filling and the pastry lid.  That gap can mean a gap in filling your tummy.  We pack a generous amount of filling into our pies so that even if the lid does rise up, there’s not gap in tummies.

Finally it’s the lid of the pie. Again this needs to be the right thickness to cook evenly and give that satisfaction that only a delicious pie can bring.

So we consider each element carefully and combine them to produce something delicious.

Testing our pies.  Again we ask our family and friends to try our pies.  We have to be confident in each element of the pie before launching it as a new line.

Steakn Mushroom Pie

Our award winning steakn mushroom pie is generously filled with our steak, minced, and this time flavoured with real mushrooms.  You will notice the pieces of real mushrooms as you enjoy this delicious pie. We make our high protein steaks ourselves here in Essex to an ancient, oriental method.  We mince our steaks to give our pies that toothsome mouthfeel and satisfaction of enjoying real food. Then we flavour this one with tasty gravy and real mushrooms before packing it into a puff pastry blanket.

Our pies are generous to meet the appetites of 2 people or 1 hungry gourmet!


  1. pmalone

    The steak and mushroom pie has always been our family favourite but we did not expect it to get better! Wonderful puff pastry and lovely flavour and texture for the filling. I have been informed by a member of the household that two people could happily share one pie. Not mine you couldn’t!!

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