6 Multi-pack Vegan Minced Steak’n Onion Pie



The same delicious deep filled minced steak and onion with gravy in a multi-pack of 6 pies ready for freezing or cooking. Our pies are delicious however you serve them. Each pie is a generous serving for 1 greedy person or for 2 ‘normal’ appetites especially when served with sides.  They weigh 340gm e with a filling of minced steak and onion in an unctuous gravy.

We pack our chilled, uncooked pies in an insulated box and send to your door.  The pies need to be put in a fridge upon arrival or kept chilled until they can be put into the fridge. Freeze the pies on day of arrival and they will last for 1 year in the freezer.  We recommend that you thaw the pies completely in the fridge overnight before cooking..


For parsley liquor recipe see the individual pies.


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